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How to make Miffy shadow puppets

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Hippo’s Hectic Pen. Dog Doodles. 60 seconds sketches.

doggy doodlesthree doodle dogs


The dog sketches above are prep work for an illustration I’m currently working  on.  I’m so excited to attend Illustrators day, a workshop with the fabulous illustrator David Wiesner giving a talk, next month.

I always like to see where my pencil leads me, with this type of very quick gestural line sketch I try not  to take the pencil off the page. It’s a great and fun exercise to get an energy, flow and movement to the creatures or figures being drawn.  Not giving a drawing a final destination and allowing the line the mark to be about the moment of gestation and less about representation gives a playfulness and poetry.

Paul Klee is quoted saying  “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk”

Yay!… lets take that stroll!